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I guess
the Monster House is having its 99th & 100th shows this weekend. This is not a startling amount. What is startling is that it isn't the 999 & 1000th. It's just constant. And a bit grinding. But I am just as culpable as everyone else. It's hard once inertia sets in to re-evaluate the way things happen - if it's for the best, if it's still interesting. Especially difficult when you live with 10 people and they all book shows. I don't really know? Personally, I'd prefer our house to be painted in hi-liter hues, for each band to be required to play to strobe lights and for the Screamer House skate ramp to be resurrected. And instead of punk shows - dance parties, lectures, book tours, films, art shows, and dice nights. . . Key parties, Russian roulette, and pass the needle. I'm also developing an interest in cricket? We all get old.

Dave Grohl appresh flyer by Kari Jorgensen. It's her farewell show. It makes me sad. It feels like just yesterday she was sitting behind me at a screening of Killer of Sheep and noticing I was laughing at the wrong parts. 2 years goes I guess. I would go to though. Someday.........


115 W.10th Ave.
Starts at 9PM.
All Ages. Donations.

#99 Friday June 19th in the Garage (THE PICKPOCKET) behind the house (115 1/2)
Paul Baribeau
Toby Foster
Maryn Jones
Ryan Star-in-sky
The Boy Who Could Fly

#100 Saturday June 20th in the basement
Noise Noise Noise
Levi Funk
The Creatures

I recently designed the record cover for Toby Foster (who is playing Friday) and Evan Gornik. I just saw the actual record jacket printed out last weekend in Lexington. Look at it:

I don't feel 100% about it. Maybe 90%. While I was making it everyone pointed out that is was illegible, which it is, but I stubbornly decided it "looked cool." It doesn't. I find the color scheme strange... not put off by it necessarily but I've also never made anything that looked so October/November. The little dots being the same size was a big idea. The girl is asymmetrical. And somehow doesn't convey what I saw in the source material which is this photo booth shot I found tucked away in a molting book on the shelf of disused titles in my French classroom in Paris. I decided Gabriel Simony wouldn't mind if I snagged it.

(Looks like Lisa Bare)

I like the back of the record cover better but it's still too much the anxiety of influence with all those Psychedelic Horseshit albums and the CDR things. At least, I feel it's too reminiscent. I don't know - I still feel unsettled about it. And I didn't feel perfect about how the Delay/Monikers split came out so I am still looking forward to getting an album cover correct as it is the total pinnacle of my aspirations in design/art.

And, anyway, you can buy it here if you feel so inclined - Keep It Together Records.

Fashion Plate

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KARI J. said...

I love the design on that record. More importantly, I miss you already.