Soft Blanket - Slow Thaw

Soft Blanket - Slow Thaw opens April 20th at Skylab Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.

Soft Blanket - Slow Thaw features print-on-demand blankets by:

Eva Ball
Glenn Cox
AJ Fusco
Timothy Hill
Martin Hugo
Adam Johnson
Harris Johnson
Shawn Khemsurov
Jessica Langley
Alexis McCrimmon
Meghan Murnane
James Payne
Greg Ponchak
Ben Quinn
Jack Ramunni
Samantha Rehark
Tim Rietenbach
Nicole Matta Santos
Nikki Skrinak
Cassandra Troyan

And more.

After the jump is an image of my blanket, and the flyer for the exhibition.



March at ROY

Other News:

* V.V. BUTTONS has a Facebook page.
* I have work in Jackie Little's Rooms to Let exhibition 231 21st Street.
* History of Ohio comics lecture by Caitlin McGurk, and in the Alive.
* Columbus Alive Mark Beyer exhibition preview, Beyer in the Dispatch. I'm speaking about Beyer's work on February 23rd at the OSU Urban Arts Space.


Interview at TTR Online Video Magazine

Alexis McCrimmon interviewed me about ROY G BIV Gallery and ImageOhio 13 for TTR Online Video Magazine.

Other News:

* Maximum Rock and Roll published a guest column, "So You Want to Name Your Punk House?," by me in their January 2013 issue.
* I'm available for studio visits during the lead-up to ROY's 2014 exhibition season call-for-entries. Email me at James@roygbivgallery.org.
* ROY G BIV Gallery is now on Instagram.
* The Lantern's Shelby Lum wrote about Sara Drake and Dina Kelberman's ROY exhibition; the Dispatch's Chris Yates covered ImageOhio 13.
* Madeline Roth wrote about the Monster House on her blog.
* I'm speaking at the Urban Arts Space on February 23rd about Mark Beyer's reverse plexi paintings.
* My birthday party is tomorrow (2/7/2013) at Skylab. DJs Alexis Speier and Jackie Speier will be spinning iPhones.

A JPEG of the MRR article is after the jump.



V.V. Books will be tabling at the Winter Flea February 2nd and at The Summit on February 8th.

Other News:

* Video of Adam Rose's November performance at ROY. 
* Short North Gazette published my poem "Environmentalists;" it's in the January/February issue.
* I have three pieces in ImageOhio 13, which opens January 18th at 6:00 p.m. Articles in the Columbus Alive, Donewaitingand The Lantern.
* I spoke with Tom Wagner and Darryl Mendelson at the opening of OSU Urban Arts Space's Mark Beyer: With/Without Text. It's great. See it.
* Temporary Art Review's profiles of Skylab Gallery and ROY G BIV Gallery.
* I have photos of price tags  in a show at Columbus Metropolitan Library's Carnegie Gallery; it opens February 7th at 6:00 p.m.


Ben Quinn: Taking a Closer Look

Ben Quinn's Taking a Closer Look opens this Thursday (1/10) on the second floor of the Columbus Metropolitan Library's Main branch at 96 S. Grant Ave. The exhibition runs to March 17th. After the jump are images from the show and Quinn's artist statement.


Documentation of Lotta Mattila's Gravitation

Documentation of Lotta Mattila's exhibition at Skylab GalleryGravitation, is after the jump.

Other News: 

* Columbus Alive previews the Prince Rama show at Skylab; in the Other Paper.
* Ben Quinn's Taking a Closer Look, the first of four ROY solo shows at the CML, opens January 10th.
* ImageOhio 13, which Wes Flexner, Alexis McCrimmon, me, and many others have work in, opens January 14th at the Shot Tower Gallery.
* Elijah Funk, Shawn McBride, and Samatha Rehark's exhibition opens at ROY on January 5th.


Forced Into Femininity at Cat Science (11/17)

More photos from Forced Into Femininity's show at Cat Science after the jump.

Other News:

* Beach Sloth on Keep This Bag Away From Children #2, another review here, KTBAFC also published another poem of mine online.
* Camille Martin blogs re: her reading at Skylab Gallery; Cold Front Magazine on the same.
* I blurbed re: Lotta Mattila's sculptures at Beautiful/Decay in advance of her exhibition Gravitation.
* Aaron Lake Smith on Anthony Poynter.
Interview with Funerals at Local Autonomy. 
Interview with Natalie Shapero.
Interview with Wes Flexner at The Locals.
* Prince Rama comes to Skylab on December 18th.
* Wes Flexner on Elijah Funk and Martin Hugo's Skylab exhibit I Can See Through Your Tinted Windows A.K.A Arrest the President at the Other Paper.



Other News:

* All Dogs video.
* Chris Kraus and the back of Jack's head.
* Mildred's Lane and the front of Jack's head.
* Murmurs video.
* Six months of Martin and Shawn's shit.
* Ian Ruffino's Sleep is open at CCAD's Room.





After the jump are pictures of V.V. BOOKS' bookstand at the Fall Flea.



A printed, editioned, and signed screen-cap of my poem "Poem For Sitting in Panera" is being auctioned off as part of a benefit for Les Figues Press on October 7th in L.A. "Poem..." was curated by Colleen Grennan, who was curated by Jesse Benson in accordance with the auction's "Excess" theme.

Other News:

* I blogged about Da'Niro Elle Brown's artwork at Beautiful/Decay.
* Justin Clifford Rhody's Sliding Glass Door on Vice.
* Real Pain: Future Dead Friends Tour's video trailer, and Wes Flexner's Other Paper promo.
* The Todd Akin "cross-country" Our Bodies, Ourselves road trip.
* Steve Roggenbuck in the New York Times Magazine, who knew!
* Professional Alt Lit flatterer Peter BD's latest email is after the jump:



V.V. BOOKS is being outed at Nikki Portman's Fall Flea on October 7th. I'll be selling used books for $1.00 - $5.00 from a stand, like in a real city. Please come peruse! They're not records, you can't play them!

Other News:

* Wes Flexner wrote an article about me for The Other Paper.
* Keep This Bag Away From Children published my poem "Business Tripping."
* DaNiro Elle Brown's exhibition Lumina happens at Skylab Gallery on September 29th.
* Ohio Republicans can't not rig an election: Phantods over Slave Labia in The Other Paper poll.
* Aidan Koch in The American Reader.
* Order Shaver's tape Peace Train.


Video Preview of Not Guilty?

On Donewaiting, Wes Flexner posted a video preview of last Friday's Not Guilty? exhibition by Martin Hugo. The video is above.

Dylan Taylor-Lehman wrote a UWeekly article on the same show.

Other News:

* Tatyana Kagamas on Gallery Girls.
* Dang Olsen made a Kickstarter to fund the printing of his comic Healers.
* New Left Media has a new video out covering the GOP's war on women's rights.
* Blessure Grave plays at Skylab Gallery tomorrow (9/4) night.



On August 31st at Skylab GalleryMartin Hugo will be displaying his collection of O.J. Simpson-themed T-shirts that were made and sold before and during Simpson's criminal trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Hugo has been searching these T-shirts out over the past few years, shirts that were originally sold on the street by unlicensed merchants, which have now become collectible commodities that often demand high prices on resale sites like eBay. The collection captures an array of aesthetically intriguing "naive" graphic design choices while serving as an inlet to the larger political and social narratives of 1990s America - an era that is currently mythologized as a time of peace and prosperity, which, in reality, was a time typified by bitter, fractious domestic politics. From Simpson's trial to the Unabomber, Oklahoma City to Waco, the Michigan militia to the Rodney King riots, the Amadou Diallo shooting to David Duke, 1990s America was a cauldron of social paranoia and racial hatred. Hugo's T-shirt collection perfectly articulates the role of the Simpson trial as an avatar for America's deep racial divisions and prompts insoluble questions about the nature of commerce and justice in the United States of America.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a print publication, which includes an essay by Dylan Taylor-Lehman entitled "Translating the Untranslatable, Expressing the Inexpressible."

CJ the DJ will be playing music during the opening.

Other News:

* ROY G BIV Gallery's Emerging Artist Series posts its 2012 Yearbook zine online. EAS's DIY Fest takes place at ROY on August 28th at 6:00 p.m.
* Columbus "Alive" covers John Malta's CCAD welcome week presentation.
* OSU Urban Outfitters Arts Space releases details on its upcoming Mark Beyer exhibit, Mark Beyer: With/Without Text, comprised of local art enthusiast Tom Wagner's extensive Beyer collection.
* Ricky Crano and Andrew Culp interview Claire Fontaine at Radical Philosophy.
* Vice.com's Nick Gazin reviews Universal Slime, a zine edited by John Malta that includes a few pieces I made.
* Real Pain: Future Dead Friends Tour 2012 comes to Skylab Gallery on September 27th, featuring Megan Boyle, Sam Pink, Jordan Castro, Mallory Whitten, Scott McCalahan, and many more readers.
* Video of Shaver performing "Mental Convict" in Pittsburgh, PA.
* Video of Vivian Xiaoshi Qin's piece "Joy" at ROY G BIV Gallery.



Your first glimpse into the burgeoning Texas Techno scene. My avant-dusty trio with Tatyana Kagamas and Jack Ramunni.

Other News: 

* Ryan Eilbeck and Richard Wehrenberg gear up for their October poetry tour.
* Shaver streams a track from Peace Train.


Slave Labia: The Columbus Dispatch

I designed the artwork for the new Slave Labia EP The Columbus Dispatch - with the help of Bernardino Luini. The packaging was printed by Shout Out Loud Prints. You can order the The Columbus Dispatch by PayPaling Tatyana Kagamas $5.00 ($3.00 for cassette plus S/H) at kagamas@gmail.com. There are more images of the tape after the jump.


Other News:

* "Metropreneur" covers Monster House Press, Richard Wehrenberg Jr.
* Defiance, Ohio, has a music video made by Eric Ayotte for the song "I'm Against the Government." And a Bandcamp for another new song.
* Slave Labia's fire rises, The Other Paper takes note. Stick and joke round-up here.
* Skylab Gallery gets the tour show treatment.
* Richard Ades on Cody Troyan's play Petty View From the Park Bench.


Tatyana Kagamas Reading at ROY G BIV Gallery

Other News:

* The aforementioned Kagamas has been killing it on her blog re: "Boring,""The Year of the White Girl," and poet Charles Shively in conjunction with Randy Shilts's And The Band Played On. If you haven't read these posts, YOUR OPINIONS AREN'T VALID.
* Girls Rock Philly interviews Frances Quinlan, whose band Hop Along plays at Skylab Gallery on August 2nd with Tweens, Nasty Habit, Californiax, Point Reyes, and Jordan Castro.
* Slave Labia's tape release and (possible) last show happens August 9th at Bernie's Bagels and Distillery. Joining Slave Labia are Shaver and Quiet Pepsi.

Find pictures from the Ear Eater reading at ROY G BIV after the jump.


Ear Eater at ROY G BIV

Flyer by Samantha Rehark.

Ladydrawers: Just the Facts Fund-raiser

Other News:

* Ear Eater comes to ROY G BIV.
* Shaver tapes's People Mostly Suck It compilation leaked.
* Justin Clifford Rhody's book Sliding Glass Door is out. Buy here.
* Saintseneca named to 50 best bands in America.
* The Comics Reporter blurbs Aidan Koch's event at the Wexner Center.
* Pheramones/Amelia tape on No Idea Records's distro.
* Punk Porch is back.


Aidan Koch: Trophy Room Documentation

Aidan Koch's Trophy Room opened at Skylab Gallery on June 29th, 2012. Find documentation photos after the jump.

Trophy Room was made possible through support from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.


Aidan Koch's Artist Talk

Anthony Poynter Zine

I wrote down my personal impressions of Anthony for a remembrance zine organized by Dawn Zilla. I think my piece is included in the print version, but I'm not sure. Either way, it's after the jump. You can buy a copy of the zine here; all of the proceeds go to Anthony's family.


Aidan Koch: Trophy Room

Skylab Gallery's current artist-in-residence is Portland-based artist, cartoonist, and illustrator Aidan Koch. Koch's exhibition Trophy Room will have a one-night opening on June 29th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Following the reception is a dance party with music by DJ Detox.

This event is free, all ages, and BYOB.

Skylab Gallery's artist-in-residence program is made possible through support from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

Koch will also be giving an artist talk at 7:00 p.m. at the Wexner Center for the Arts on June 26th.

Other News:

* I featured David Berezin's stock-photo still lifes on Beautiful/Decay.
* David Leighty drew this Monster House group portrait.
* Caitlin McGurk on the Fantagraphics blog.
* Nasty Habit recorded a demo.
* A Saintseneca video.
* Known plagiarist tries to write, finds it doesn't suit him.
* Rolling Stone covers Against Me! singer's transition.
* ROY G BIV's Emerging Artist Series has a member artist page.


New Buttons

Other News: 

* Delay releases a music video for "Stand Me."
* Melissa Starker writes re: Skylab artist-in-residence Jessica Langley's show Killin' It.
* Wes Flexner posted a video of the Hive Dwellers playing at Skylab on Donewaiting.


Jessica Langley's Killin' It

Jessica Langley's Killin' It opens tomorrow night (5/11) at Skylab Gallery. Pittsburgh-based artist Langley is Skylab's first artist-in-residence in an ongoing residency program at the gallery, which was funded by a Franklin County Neighborhood Arts grant administered by the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Langley will be in residence for the remainder of May, working on a new body of prints. The opening reception for Killin' It starts at 7 p.m.; refreshments will be provided. In addition, the exhibit may be seen by appointment until June 8th. To make an appointment, email skylabartspace@gmail.com.

Photos from Killin' It can be seen after the jump.


Roof Poem

A roof reading of "Eighteen to Thirty-One," a poem from my new chapbook The Best of All Possible Worlds. I did this reading on the last day of my writing residency at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse in Pittsburgh, PA.

Other News:

* Anne Elizabeth Moore and Gabrielle Gamboa posted an interview with Alison Bechdel that I helped transcribe at Truthout: Parts 1, 2, 3.
* The Cyberpunk Apocalypse promo-ed an end-of-residency reading I did with Tatyana Kagamas at the North Side Library in Pittsburgh, PA.
* Bad at Sports blurbed Samantha Rehark's show at ACRE.
* The C******* A**** blurbed the Hive Dwellers show at Skylab.
* The third issue of Pop Serial is up, and Alt-Lit officially has a Wikipedia page now.
* This 1996 article from the Onion about an OSU professor refers to a bong as a "sky lab."
* After the jump is an email poem Peterbd sent me re: me/Skrillex


Party Pics

Other News:

* I featured Jack Ramunni on Beautiful/Decay.
* My Name is Mud's new issue has two poems of mine.
* On April 30th I'm reading with Tatyana Kagamas at the North Side Library in Pittsburgh, PA, as part of my residency at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse
* On May 5th I'm reading at Skylab Gallery with Die Kinder and Jeremy Ruggles.


Austerity Pleasures On Issuu

Other News:

* I featured FASTWURMS on Beautiful/Decay.
*Wes Flexner interviews Slave Labia, the Labia cover Beat Happening's "Indian Summer."
* Information regarding Aidan Koch's June 26th artist talk at the Wexner Center is up.
* Elijah Funk posted images from his senior thesis exhibition Unsadding.
* Jacky posted images of all the One-Hour Publications thus far.
* Tatyana Kagamas writes re: Lena Dunham's priv'. 



A Bunch of Dicks, 2012
Screen Capture, Microsoft Word

Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writer-In-Residence

I'm currently the writer-in-residence at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Cyberpunk Apocalypse is a collective of writers - Artnoose, who writes the long-running letterpress zine Ker-bloom!, writer/illustrator Daniel McCloskey, and Nate McDonough, who recently published his first graphic novel Don't Come Back - who host visiting writers for a month, giving them the time and space to finish projects and then share them with the people of Pittsburgh. Right now, I'm in the process of editing my next chapbook of poetry, which might be called The Best of All Possible Worlds - and might not.

The Greater Columbus Arts Council provided invaluable support that allowed me to pursue this residency. I'm consistently impressed by the service GCAC provides to artists, musicians, writers, and institutions in Columbus.

The video above is a reading of my poem "Why the Police Lieutenant Makes More Than the Assistant Professor (For Nathan Brown)" that I recorded on the roof of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse house. That poem will be included in my chapbook. It's a sneak-peek.

Other News:

* I featured Skylab's first artist-in-residence Jessica Langley's artwork on Beautiful/Decay.
* Nap published this great inside the inside of Alt Lit portrait by Peterbd.
* Zach Bodish, who I used to work with at the Wexner Center, found a Picasso print at a thrift store in Columbus.
* An interview with Spoonboy.


SKYLAB 04/16/12

Slave Labia, Bird and Flower, Erin Earthling, and the Hive Dwellers (K Records) will play at Skylab on April 16th, 2012. The show is open to people of all ages, and run on donations taken at the door.


Party Pics

Other News:

* Wellesley College included Women's Comics Anthology in its Gender & Comics research guide.
* I featured John Collins McCormick's line drawings on Beautiful/Decay.
* Footage from BYOB Columbus at the Canzani Center.
* That newspaperman writes about Delay.