This happened on the 29th:

The video sort of makes me hate everyone involved which is difficult since the majority of people are my roommates & friends & girlfriend. But oh well. The impetus for the read-in at the Statehouse is, as I'm sure you know, the possible funding deduction for Ohio libraries being pushed by Ted Strickland. The cuts are quite brutal, up to 30%. Branches could be closed and hours would most certainly be reduced. As a former librarian and roommate of 3 librarians and part-time resident of the Northside branch... I'm a bit upset about it. It seems a little surreal to have to defend libraries or explain why they are important - it's self evident. Still, while at the statehouse there was a small group of severe types who stated that all the pro-library protesters probably didn't have jobs that were taxed and that "in their business" when they have a deficit, they cut costs. So why shouldn't Strickland? Considering most small businesses are either started or run on credit lines it seems like a strange line of rhetoric. But... who cares. I mean, I do.

This is Strickland's response to an earlier protest:

His response bothers me. It would be completely predictable from Taft but one expects Democrats to at least make a try at the appearance of governing differently. As one woman correctly said, "During the great depression we built libraries, we didn't close them."

Go here to find out more about "What you can do."

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