IMAGES, moving and otherwise.

Some things I've been looking at. The Cult Ritual photos were taken by Jimmy Buttons of Lentil Nightmare. The mosh paintings are by Dan Witz, I like just about everything he's done - his current body of work is unsettling to say the least. I was going to make an 8 by 8 foot blow up of a picture of a mosh pit and hand color it for Marina's "Biggie Smalls" show until I saw Witz's paintings and gave up the idea. And there are some Dash Snow *(who is pretty dead now I guess) polaroids thrown in for everyone who loves VICE circa 2002-2006.
And this makes me laugh - the paper with the superheroes is actually DC Comics letterhead for rejection notices.

I really admire the internet for being a landscape of full blown visuality and for allowing such easy replication of its imagery. I'm just really thankful for it. It's hard to remember when I saved these photos or where they are from but there is a pretty constant party of them on my desktop. It makes my life a lot better. I just really like visual things. Sounds stupid but it would be more stupid to try and explain why.

Something troubling: I keep getting the feeling like I'm going to cave and just start making imagery of women smoking and holding guns. I've tried to not have women be an explicit part of anything I make because it's so fucking tiring. But when your work is driven by aesthetic and not concept and your natural conception of beauty is tied to sexual attraction it's difficult to abstain. For whatever reason (whatever joke you have related to my sublimated desires) lately I've been really drawn to 50's and 60's imagery of women smoking as showcased by both the banner of this website and my profile icon. I could easily make a show on just that topic that I would feel happy about. It's real annoying. Obvious oral connotations, fetishizing of beauty + bygone time period + bygone aesthetics of said time period, subtle or overt sexism depending on your viewpoint, male gaze, etc. Still, it's nagging at me.

*Weedsteeler: The Blog had an entry about the Deitch Projects having what sounds like an open call of work to commemorate Snow's death. That's actually sort of amazing? The show would be up in August. So if you want to say you've shown there... I guess now is your chance?

Also, the end of this first video is really stupid.

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