The band I'm in, Amelia, is going on tour with baby Ryan and baby Austin's band, Delay (I think someone else is in it too?). This is important because I finally get to go to both Maine (where I will live someday, collecting lighthouses - wearing heavy sweaters with shorts) AND Brooklyn. Also I will eat a hot dog in Allston + Candace will be present. In Akron we will visit my boyhood home at the Akron Aeros' stade. Here are the dates:

August 6th - New Brunswick, NJ 7pm @ Meat Town USA
August 7th – Allston , MA 8pm @ House Show
August 8th – Brookyn, NY 8pm @ The Fort 1414 Lincoln Place W/ Landlord, Bad Blood, Witches
August 9th – Worcester, MA 8pm @ 11 Forbes St.
August 10th –
Portland, ME 8pm @ 176 Coyle street w/ Dylan Bredeau
August 11th – NH @ TBA
August 12th – Syracuse, NY 8pm @ Castle Rockmore, 113 West Borden Ave. W/No Connection
August 13th – TBA
August 14th – Akron, OH @ TBA
August 15th, – SOUTHWEST FOLK FEST! http://www.myspace.com/southwestfolkfest 2 day fest! Aug. 14th and 15th, $7 each show @ Church of Rock 4300 Howard Ave.,
August 16th - Chicago, Il @ The Fun House w/ Arkansas? (Their last show EVER.)
August 18th - Columbus, Ohio @ The Monster House w/ The Winslows, State Lottery
August 19th - Columbus, Ohio @ Bernie's Distillery (dreams do come true) w/ The Winslows, Tin Armour, New Creases, Papermoons
September 4th - Columbus, Ohio @ Monster House w/ Cars Can Be Blue, Lemming, Lovely Eggs


This is what we looked like playing Berea Fest:

Mark Bouchet's "Watershed" at the Venice Biennale. Genius.


Marina said...

you will be a great old man in maine

WEEZA said...


Dana said...

I am stoked for the 18th, 19th, and 4th.

cedric said...

I am stoked for kisses and the roadie