Justin Luna, who is the guy who does things at ROY, took some shots of me during my show there. I am a model. They are transparencies so it scans a little like this.

Execution Broadsides.


cedric said...

Is it so wrong that even though these pictures entice a smirk, I can't help but oogle on you.

Geeeez, have I really been denounced to internet creep???

Anonymous said...

oh my god, i love this jimi. that first image is amazing, your show looks awesome. i'm sorry i missed it.
so impressed!
-chelsea dirck

Anonymous said...

aw shucks Dirck. Making me feel gooey.

Drake, sometimes I look at your FB pics late at night.


Jordan Castro said...

damn is that a weather underground quote or something

someone from the weather underground, i feel

Anonymous said...

Yep, it is.