Politics & Punk Houses


during a show at the Monster House, my roommate Cassie Troyan interviewed me about my views on the political ramifications of punk houses. I take on a desultory, jaded tone about it. I believe she is using this interview as the basis of a story for The Journal of Radical Shimming.

                                       MP3 of interview here.

Some topics covered: Paris in 68, Jehovah's Witnesses, Grunge, Dutch Pillarisation, OSU riots in 1970, Punk House as Frat House, CSBYS history, Cat and Girl, Clinton-era political correctness, psychology of solidarity, Luc Tuymans, fetishization of radicalism, Kevin Tavin, social networking, Against me!, upward mobility, Barack Obama, Ivy League vs. State Universities, mediation.

During our talk these bands played:

Warm Hands

Ginger Fetus

Ginger Fetus + Toby


Cassandra Troyan said...
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Cassandra Troyan said...

Remind me to never interview you after drinking.

How many times do I say like?

Lux said...

Please interview Jimi after drinking always.