Health Care?

On the eve of the U.S Senate passing health care "reform" I thought I would look back on the 6 month-plus odyssey through the muck of legislative capitulation that led to this bill. THEN I got depressed. You know, when I graduate college in three months, four out of five members of my family will officially be sans health care. So, therapeutically, I thought I would post some better visions that were sadly left out to pasture - to be all optimistic-like.
This bill, by the way, is shit. A mandate without a control or substantial competition. No reimportation, no anti-trust, no public option, no single payer obv, no medicare extension, it goes on. In a related note, Obama's presidency will be short and poorly remembered unless he develops both principles (besides the principle that multi-faceted, elaborate speeches are ersatz cure-alls) and the ability to fight for them.

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