This is the 'zine I made two years ago. It's about Columbus, Ohio and some of the "punk" bands and artists that have called it home. There are eight interviews - Geoff Hing from Defiance, Ohio, Matt Reber from New Bomb Turks, Andy Hinton from Vile Gash, Phonzie Davis of Left Handed Sophie fame, Jason Molinari who lived at The Neil House, Anne Elizabeth Moore of the book "Unmarketable," John Malta of Rattail Flyers, and Jimmy Buttons who lives at The Legion of Doom. There are articles about The Evens, Bike Punks, the comic "Snakepit," Delay, Tin Armor, the CMA show "Renoir's Women," a janitor's strike at OSU, a successful Clinton-Era protest against bombing Iraq, a Griot memoir of Defiance, Ohio reminiscence, and a review of Magic Flowers Droned by Psychedelic Horseshit. There are reprints of a Lantern article about The Neil House, an Other Paper article about The Legion of Doom, an Entertainment Weekly article about "Columbus, the next Seattle," and something originally published in MRR about the Gaunt/New Bomb Turks scene.

If you want to buy a physical, paper copy Microcosm Publishing probably still has it.

Here are some reviews the zine received.


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