What's Wrong With Us? Discography

                                  I didn't know who Geoff McFetridge was. Sorry.

In 2008
I was in a short lived band with Kari Jorgensen of Crumpler and The Boy Who Could Fly fame. We were originally called "Young People" until I found a 7 inch at Magnolia Thunderpussy by a band called Young People. Then we were called "What's Wrong With Us?" which is probably the best band name possible. I played bass through a brokenish guitar amp which made it sound high and fuzzy. Kari - I think - taught herself drums for it. We both sang. We had, like, 3 other songs. We played once with Toby Foster in the upstairs of the Monster House and once at the Punk Porch with either Black Rainbow or Dead Dog. I remember thinking that was the worst show I ever played in my life (including Hot Date shows). I think we played one or two other times in the basement of the Monster House. I think maybe with Forever and Tacocat. I don't remember when or why we stopped playing which sort of means that we are still a band, just on hiatus, like Fugazi. Kari is in Utah now working at an art museum and playing guitar in a band with Amy Farina.

1. Untitled (Beat Happening)
2. Untitled (Carrie Nations)
3. "Get Over It"
4. East 5th Avenue

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David said...

That Pharmacy, Karate Coyote, Raccoon City show, never happened. JAMES PAYNE FALSIFYING HISTORY.