Comic of my Future.

As Sara says:

"A collaborative pair depicting a potential future joy ride with beastie sexual undertones. (James and I are destined to have our genitals rub up on a cute tiger in the not so distant future.) Hastily scripted by Jeremy Tinder and Lucy Knisley of Trubble Club as a fortune telling celebration for Free Comic Book day at Quimby's."

Knisley's is on the left and Tinder's is on the right. I look like a 35 year-old Daniel Clowes character in Tinder's.

BTW: Tinder is part of a show called "What's the Big Idea" with Columbus's John Malta in San Francisco at the Double Punch gallery in June. I would go to that if that is available to you geographically. The flyer for it is after "The Jump."


cedric said...

Um Payne, worth noting that everything ages inside the comic. INCLUDING THE KITTY KAT.

Marina Goldshteyn said...

hahaha. this funny.

james said...

I don't feel like everything aged with me.