We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut

This book, We Never Learn, is out and about for your purchasing whim. It was written by Eric Davidson, the lead singer/provocateur of Columbus's own New Bomb Turks, and it features a foreword by Byron Coley who writes a column with Thurston Moore at Arthur and Wire.
(Coley is also a poet who wrote a biography of Chuck Norris.)

I transcribed a couple of interviews on behalf of Eric for this book - one with Rocket From The Crypt's John Reis and another that I can't recall. I learned more about San Diego from listening to John Reis than from any other experience in my life, including being in San Diego. Outside of San Diego-centric concerns, I think that if you like punk, garage, punky-garage or garagey-punk and somehow also enjoy reading that you will be pacified and pleased by We Never Learn

You should buy it (it's on sale!) from another New Bomb Turker at the Wexner Center Store.

Eric Davidson will be reading from We Never Learn in the Film/Video space at the Wexner Center July 9th at 9PM.

Then, on July 10th, New Bomb Turks play with Scrawl (<3) at the Parking Lot Blowout. For Free.

After "The Jump" is an actual description of the book. Because I really get how blurbs work.

Copied from the Wexner Store description:

We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut 1988-2001
is the first and only book on the last great wave of punk rock. Musician and journalist Eric Davidson [Village Voice, CMJ, SF Bay Guardian] was there as this scene unfolded, tracking the inspiration and beautiful destruction of this largely undocumented movement.

The Black Lips, the late Jay Reatard, the Dirtbombs, the White Stripes, the Reigning Sound, and the Hives (to name but a few) all sprang from an underground music scene where similarily raw bands, enjoying various degrees of success and hard luck, played in venues ranging from dive bars to massive festivals, but were mostly ignored by a music industry focused on mega-bands and shiny pop stars.

They reveled in ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll and ‘60s garage rock as much as they did Iggy Pop, the Ramones, and Black Flag, while creating their own wave of gut-busting riffs and rhythm.

The majority of bands that populate this book – the Dwarves, the Gories, the Supersuckers, the Mummies, the Oblivians, Billy Childish, Rocket From The Crypt, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Cheater Slicks, Teengenerate, Donnas, and New Bomb Turks among them – gained little long-term reward from their nonstop touring and brain-slapping records. What they did get was an arguably crazy good time, all the while building a dedicated fan base that extends across America, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

We Never Learn comes with a free, twenty-song download of bands who make up the seedy gunk punk undergut...

Eric Davidson had his share of sleazy good times and success as the singer of the Columbus, Ohio punk band New Bomb Turks (est. 1990), who have played hundreds of gigs in dozens of countries on four continents and released scores of records on countless labels. 

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