Women's Comics Anthology

                      Front and back cover wraparound by Sara Drake.

Women's Comics Anthology, a zine I co-edited as part of the Ladydrawers project I am helping Anne Elizabeth Moore with, is now available to download for free on 'the Internet.'

Women's Comics Anthology is a gendered content analysis of a random sample of comics anthologies. Some of the statistics derived from our study are deeply troubling and call for soul-searching introspection of behalf of comics editors, publishers and artists. For instance, women comics makers only accounted for 16% of total contributors to the anthologies we reviewed. Indeed, more women appeared as naked characters in the anthologies than as clothed creators contributing to them.  These facty-facts, propped up by anecdotal accounts in extensive interviews collected under the Ladydrawers project, paint the comics industry as systematically inequitable and largely divided among gender lines.

Women's Comics Anthology is also a comics anthology, largely drawn by women. Each statistic collected was illustrated by a different artist. Contributors include Ramsey Beyer, Candace Corbin, Chelsea Dirck, Sara Drake, Emil Emanta, Karla Hewitt-Blackie, Ingrid Olson, Leslie Perrine, Alma Vescovi and most of Moore's Ladydrawers class at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Download Women's Comics Anthology at Pressing Concern Bookshere.

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