Mosaic Magazine, an undergraduate art and literature publication at OSU, recently put its 2008 issue online. That issue reproduced two of my flyers, "No Christians" and "For Brian Shaffer: Capitalism Will Disappear  Too." Mosaic changed the title of the Brian Shaffer flyer by cutting, you guessed it, "Capitalism Will Disappear Too." Brian Shaffer, for those that do not live in the pocket, is the OSU student who walked into Ugly Tuna and never walked out. The flyer dedicated to him is an image of my kit-kat Dori laser beaming a stand-in for The South Campus Gateway.

Microcosm Publishing used an excerpt from my essay on Ben Snakepit's Snakepit in their promotional blurb/product description for his book.

Melville House Publishing's Dennis Johnson (not Denis Johnson) wrote a short note about my blog entry where I described my surreal experience of reading a book, Tao Lin's Shoplifting From American Apparel, and discovering that I was INSIDE the book.

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