New Poems

BHL & Oxford, NC
I want to be Charlie Rose,
a lot.
Have a farm in North Carolina,
get too excited around architects.

Just don't want to be friends with BHL.

Don't like BHL.

In remembrance of lemonade and gin: the Chicago spring.

When we dance we dance
a dance of windmills,
stationary and flailing,
We "produce that energy."
Floods and tulips and still lives,

I get life's brevity.

I dislike Arne Glimcher viscerally.
"China is so
 and honest
 and real."

It Doesn't Make Any Sense Because You Are Smiling.

You "flick off"
the camera in
multiple (!) profile photos
in such a way that
the knuckles
of your index and ring fingers
are at different heights
and the index
is notably higher.

feelings of 
confusion & concern.
I really think I need
to be there 
for you.

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Richard Wehrenberg Jr said...

last one me like much yes