Assuming Size Reading


On November  27th, Jordan Castro, Ryan J., Richard Wehrenberg Jr. and I held a reading at Kafe Kerouac for the official release of our joint poetry chapbook, Assuming Size.

You can listen to the reading above by clicking through the tracks on the player. The tracks are out of order and run 1. Introduction 2. James Payne 3. Jordan Castro and Mallory Whitten 4. Question and Answer 5. Richard Wehrenberg Jr. 6. Ryan J.

Or download: Introduction, Ryan J., Richard Wehrenberg Jr., James Payne, Jordan Castro and Mallory Whitten, Question and Answer session.

Assuming Size was reviewed by multifariously creative person Dan Tarnowski at On Lives.

Assuming Size is on the Well Read Wife.

Also, Ryan and Richard's poetry reading in Oberlin, Ohio, was reviewed favorably by Alice Beecher at Fearless and Loathing.

In other news, as should be expected, Weedsteeler.com is on the frontline of government censorship.

See pictures Mallory Whitten took during the reading after 'the jump.'