Gift Cycle

Gift Cycle from Sarah Sandman on Vimeo.

I just stumbled upon this video while redoing my CV for an application. It's from a cross-country art/gift/exchange/bicycling tour that the Mahan Gallery (RIP) hosted in the summer of 2008. The idea was that the cyclists would hand deliver pieces of artwork from one city's artists to another city's, leaving a semblance of a gift economy in their bikes' wake. Colleen conscripted me to participate as part of my internship duties. I gave the gift cyclists, Sarah Sandman and her collaborator, a Gulabi Gang collage and picked out a strange Pepto-Bismol themed screen-print for tradesies. It hung in the downstairs bathroom at the Monster House for a year or so until I felt it was ugly. Sandman and her partner took portraits of each participating artist with their artwork covering their face. I wish I could find mine. It's twirling somewhere in the internet aether, I'm sure.

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