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Q: But, do you love me?

A: ‘I consider myself a revolutionary communist.’

(Burned on the return, ash met dirt with marked éclat.)


101 Famous Poems,
published 1953,
six poems
are about
Abraham Lincoln.

We don't have much,
but what we've got

Rhyming Poem 1

If I left,

It would be the best.

If we split,

Life wouldn't be shit.

If I said, ‘Fuck off, once and for all’

I could imagine living comfortably this fall.

Everything will be awful if that's not what I do,

So I'll just stay with you.


On Food Stamp Yoga,
                                    (1st of each month)
we eat like Marquises
and Comtes and Kings.
Kings and Queens of kale,
at the court of never buy,
never sell.
3rd Floor Roommate
Etienne says,

‘Acid tabs.
Bring reusable bags.
The insides of avocados make me feel glad.
It's like everything I’ve always wanted but never had.’


'Oh, prosecco, just let go. À la cour de Bushwick we never say no.'

Trop Moderne Lovers


He said it best,

‘C'est trop moderne.’

‘C'est trop, trop moderne.’

If there is something French it's:

'Everything as it should be.'

'As it would be.'

(As none of us would even recognize it if it were something we could see.)

They cursed and fucked, you know, Grandpa & Grandmommy,
Printing press pissed the rote memory;
I'm glad the Internet had me.
Can't all stay, V-E Day.
(Mackintosh looks a bit a different way.)


Mo'dernity, mo'problems!

Well, one young punk Modern Lover am I.

Et tu?
                          I'm a little dinosaur.

It's nothing altogether new.


Some day I'll be dignified and old,
I’ll try not to sell a world I was sold.

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