Chicago Zine Fest 2011

Poster by Edie Fake

The Chicago Zine Fest is making its triumphant return to Columbia College's Conway Center on March 25th and 26th. Several Chicago zinesters (including pals Ramsey Beyer, Neil BrideauLeslie Perrine, Matt Whispers) organized the inaugural edition of the Chicago Zine Fest (CZF?) last year and it was a bona fide hit. There was a reading at Quimby's, an art show at Johalla Projects and an after show at Ball Hall. But I think they upped the ante this year as exhibitor tables have already sold out. Don't let that frightening flexing of print culture's popularity discourage you from attending, look at this instead:

Noteworthy Facts About the 2011 Chicago Zine Fest:

* Real life zinebrities Al Burian and Aaron Cometbus will speak from 2 - 4 p.m. at the Conway Center on the 25th. Will they mention coffee? Or Jawbreaker or something?

* Mickey Zachilli (who was a part of This is a Comic Book) is tabling, which is exciting.

* Other people I like who are tabling: Jeffrey Brown, Lilli Carre (both Carre and Brown are part of a comics exhibition at the MCA with Anders Nilsen and Paul Hornschemeier), Cindy Crabb (another zinebrity/legend, author of Doris), Chelsea Dirck (with a new book in tow?), Sara Drake (with her new comic Small Advices), Emil Ferris (superb cartoonist/writer), Lyra Hill, Microcosm Publishing, John Porcellino (the best!), Liz Prince, Dave Roche (author of On Subbing), and, most importantly, Monster House Press purveyor Richard Wehrenberg Jr

* I'm also tabling. (I'll have Arty Party, Assuming Size, Austerity Pleasures, Buttons, Prints, etc)

* There's a youth reading and an exhibitor's reading at the Chicago branch of Dave Egger's 826 project, 826CHI, on March 25th at 5 p.m.

* Zinester Karaoke at Quimby's on March 25th at 9 p.m. As uncomfortable as it sounds?

* Eric Ayotte will be there, so I think Gadabout Film Festival will too. 

* More lectures and workshops TBA!

The full list of this year's tablers.

A CZF T-Shirt for sale featuring Edie Fake's artwork.

Additional information about the Chicago Zine Fest at its website, its Facebook and its Twitter.

If you come, you can stay in my apartment. Plan ahead!

After the jump are tabling/after show action shots from last year.


Richard Wehrenberg, Jr. said...

Yes! Those photos!

Jess said...

scrantonzinefest.com - please sign up!