Decibel Magazine Circuitously Suggests Old-School Hardcore Fans Should Reevaluate Their Musical Taste In LTT Review

Click to maximize, I guess.

In other news, Richard Wehrenberg Jr. posted dates for his poetry tour with Matt Whispers. I will be accompanying them on the Scandinavian leg of their tour: Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis and then, on April 19th, Chicago with Wendy Spacek and Cassandra Troyan at 1622 S.Allport St. Chicago, Illinois 60608.

Also, I posted a poem, 'Everything I Think About You (Chopped & Screwed)' to Let People Poems, a radically democratic literary journal. It has no editor, which allows anyone to post any poem they wish without interference. 


Sara Drake said...

my house

Anonymous said...

the last two sentences of the stone axe review avec noun-phrases resurrected:
if you are super into [old-school hardcore], please pick this up. But beforehand, take one moment and ask yourself, " Why in the hell am i still super into '[old-school hardcore]?"
doesn't seem to suggest LTT is "real bland"

Lux said...

hey stupid, make richy come to porty for tours. kluvubai.

james said...

Anon - how right you are! How blithely unobservant I was! Will edit.

DJ Berndt said...

So awesome. Let People Poems is cool.