The Owlery Show

A sliver of s'me.

I have a number (24) of prints and drawings showing this month at The Owlery in Bloomington, Indiana. The Owlery is a new restaurant instigated by Ryan Woods and Toby Foster. It pays half of Bloomington to feed the other half vegetarian/vegan nibbles. May I recommend the "fish" and chips, the beer, and the nachos even. 

There was a faux-opening/poetry reading the night of April 30th featuring Ryan J., Matthew Whispers, Richard Wehrenberg Jr., myself, and the wonderful poetry of Bloomington's Tara J. Below are recordings of the readings, and after the jump are photos of the art installation. All of the work is for sale, at prices between fifteen and fifty dollars. I believe the show stays up until June 1st. Upcoming shows at The Owlery feature the artwork of Erin Tobey and Nate Powell - exciting.

You can visit The Owlery at its perch - 212 S. Rogers St. Bloomington, Indiana, 47404. 

The playlist is:

1. James Payne
2. Matt Whispers
3. Richard Wehrenberg Jr. part two
4. Richard Wehrenberg Jr. part one
5. Ryan J.
6. Tara J.

Scroll through to access all of the tracks or download.

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