Anobium #1 Available for Pre-Orders

ANOBIUM: VOLUME 1 is available for pre-orders. It's a Chicago-based publication instigated by Benjamin van LoonAnobium contains two poems of mine along with writing by Rich Ives, Stephanie Plenner, Joe Meno and many more.

In other news:

* Jason Behrends reviews Austerity Pleasures on the Chicago Subtext blog.
* I have some poems forthcoming on My Name is Mud.
* I am reading poems at Kafe Kerouac in Columbus, Ohio, on July 16th with Philip Kim and Jason Dutton.
* The Boy Who Could Fly on If You Make It. Gush.
* Frank Hinton pens an ode to Cassandra Troyan.
* Pop Serial #2 is online now.
* John Also Bennett responds to Osama bin Laden's death.
* Word Wild Records released a split 10-inch by Snarlas and Pink Houses.
* Download DJ Power Smoke's set from E-Hole.
* Download Tin Armor's Life of Abundance here and their tribute to The Modern Lovers here.
* A video of Lightning Yin Yang playing the Monster House.
* Dina Sherman's show Nothing is Very Complicated just opened at the OSU Urban Arts Space.
* Berea Fest is happening on July 16th in Berea, Ohio.
* Alexis Bhagat is delivering a lecture entitled 'The Cinema as a Concert Hall for the 21st Century' on July 14th at Skylab.
* Help the Cyberpunk Apocalypse Project in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
* Help Spooktober release their 10-inch album.

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