Summer/Fall Recordings

Go here to download recordings of Slave Labia, Bruce McClure, Tatyana Kagamas, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Cassandra and Cody Troyan, John M. Bennett, and Tiger Hatchery at Skylab; White Walls at Carabar; Slutever and Drug Money at Bat Chapters; John M. Bennett at the OSU Urban Arts Space; Slave Labia at The Shelf; and Envelope at Spoonful Records.

Also, go here for a download of Unholy Two at Bat Chapters.

Other News:

Austin & Ryan Eilbeck, Columbus Poet Laureate, turn 27. Here's Ryan reading at the OSU Urban Arts Space as part of the Paging Columbus reading series. And here is a synopsis of a stand-up routine Austin once gave at The Screamer House:

Austin approaches the performance area. In the performance area is a cup of water resting on a stool. Austin tells a "joke" then goes to drink water out of the cup. But the cup has been attached to the stool, so Austin has to pick up the whole thing to take his drink. The end. 

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