One Hour Publication

One Hour Publications is a zine series exploring collaborative situations, artist publications, and self-publishing. Each book's content is made within one hour by Jack Ramunni and one collaborator in Heat Space at the Columbus College of Art and Design. 

For the first One Hour Publication, I extemporaneously wrote a suite of twelve poems about the city of Columbus, memory, and decay. Jack then drew a companion illustration for each poem as it came off the typewriter.

The next One Hour Publication features Alex Ross and it is funny.

The One Hour Publication on Goodreads.

Other News:

* Ben Bennett, Patrick Elkins, Ryan Jewell, Justin Clifford Rhody, and Hannah Stephenson will be performing at Skylab on November 27th.
* New art history blog for lonelies, fun.
* I "signed" this letter in support of the Occupy movement.
* Peterbd sent me another email. This site collects emails that Peterbd has sent to internet literature types. Reminds me of Ray Johnson. Here it is:
all the leaves are brown and the lit is bleak
this lit is just so bad, very ununique
i'd be very blessed if all lit was by payne. james payne prose i'm dreamin, there's not much else to say
walked into a store because i love to read. well the books were just so bad, i got down on my knees. and prayed to god to stop this prose, so i'll see brighter days
james payne prose i'm dreamin, cause every book is lame

all the kids are sad and so down on luck
they just want something good to read. somethings that doesn't suck
our savior is in payne, he must write everything. james payne prose i'm dreamin, on his every word we cling
                                                                  - Peterbd

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