Social Heat Buttons

Jack Ramunni and I just made these butties for his ongoing Social Heat project. Obviously, this is an essential part of everyone's Spring 2012 wardrobe. They are available wherever Jack Ramunnis may be found.

Other News:

* I featured Martin Hugo and Chelsea Dirck's artwork on Beautiful/Decay.
* Anobium interviews Cassandra Troyan re: the Ear Eater reading series. Troyan also has a book, THE THINGS WE EMBODY ARE THE THINGS WE DESTROY slated to be published in 2013 by Tiny Hardcore Press.
* The Sidekicks have a Monster House-centric video for "Baby, Baby."
* Bloomington's Beaker has a new album available for download.
* Natalie Shapero has a poem in the March 15th, 2012 edition of The New Republic.
* Mubi linked to Banalization's Peter Doig post in an article published today.

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