Roof Poem

A roof reading of "Eighteen to Thirty-One," a poem from my new chapbook The Best of All Possible Worlds. I did this reading on the last day of my writing residency at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse in Pittsburgh, PA.

Other News:

* Anne Elizabeth Moore and Gabrielle Gamboa posted an interview with Alison Bechdel that I helped transcribe at Truthout: Parts 1, 2, 3.
* The Cyberpunk Apocalypse promo-ed an end-of-residency reading I did with Tatyana Kagamas at the North Side Library in Pittsburgh, PA.
* Bad at Sports blurbed Samantha Rehark's show at ACRE.
* The C******* A**** blurbed the Hive Dwellers show at Skylab.
* The third issue of Pop Serial is up, and Alt-Lit officially has a Wikipedia page now.
* This 1996 article from the Onion about an OSU professor refers to a bong as a "sky lab."
* After the jump is an email poem Peterbd sent me re: me/Skrillex

Mar 26 (5 days ago)

to me

skrillex cannot compare to james payne 

skrillex has a weird haircut and makes music i am tired of hearing 

fuck him 

james payne is not skrillex 

he does not have a weird haircut 

not sure if he makes music, but if he does

i'm sure it does not sound like skrillex's music 

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