Tatyana Kagamas Reading at ROY G BIV Gallery

Other News:

* The aforementioned Kagamas has been killing it on her blog re: "Boring,""The Year of the White Girl," and poet Charles Shively in conjunction with Randy Shilts's And The Band Played On. If you haven't read these posts, YOUR OPINIONS AREN'T VALID.
* Girls Rock Philly interviews Frances Quinlan, whose band Hop Along plays at Skylab Gallery on August 2nd with Tweens, Nasty Habit, Californiax, Point Reyes, and Jordan Castro.
* Slave Labia's tape release and (possible) last show happens August 9th at Bernie's Bagels and Distillery. Joining Slave Labia are Shaver and Quiet Pepsi.

Find pictures from the Ear Eater reading at ROY G BIV after the jump.

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