A printed, editioned, and signed screen-cap of my poem "Poem For Sitting in Panera" is being auctioned off as part of a benefit for Les Figues Press on October 7th in L.A. "Poem..." was curated by Colleen Grennan, who was curated by Jesse Benson in accordance with the auction's "Excess" theme.

Other News:

* I blogged about Da'Niro Elle Brown's artwork at Beautiful/Decay.
* Justin Clifford Rhody's Sliding Glass Door on Vice.
* Real Pain: Future Dead Friends Tour's video trailer, and Wes Flexner's Other Paper promo.
* The Todd Akin "cross-country" Our Bodies, Ourselves road trip.
* Steve Roggenbuck in the New York Times Magazine, who knew!
* Professional Alt Lit flatterer Peter BD's latest email is after the jump:

James payne: visionary   
other people: don't know how to spell visionary 

james payne: has an interesting blog that covers a wide array of topics 
other people: blog about what they ate for brunch 

james payne: artistic human being 
other people: think play-doh is abstract art 

james payne: continues to create/promote innovative projects   
other people: do not do any of the things said above 

james payne: engaging 
other people: engage in activities that are not worth talking about 

james payne: is taking skylab and roy g biv gallery to new heights 
other people: are doing nothing to better there current situations and enjoy doing so

james payne: doesn't know that he's a genius 
other people: don't know anything 

james payne: is the fresh prince of columbus, oh
other people: are the court jesters of their respective communities 

james payne: showcases his talents for the world to see 
other people: showcase their talents at their local talent shows 

james payne: is going far 
other people: are going to skylab gallery to watch james read

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