Forced Into Femininity at Cat Science (11/17)

More photos from Forced Into Femininity's show at Cat Science after the jump.

Other News:

* Beach Sloth on Keep This Bag Away From Children #2, another review here, KTBAFC also published another poem of mine online.
* Camille Martin blogs re: her reading at Skylab Gallery; Cold Front Magazine on the same.
* I blurbed re: Lotta Mattila's sculptures at Beautiful/Decay in advance of her exhibition Gravitation.
* Aaron Lake Smith on Anthony Poynter.
Interview with Funerals at Local Autonomy. 
Interview with Natalie Shapero.
Interview with Wes Flexner at The Locals.
* Prince Rama comes to Skylab on December 18th.
* Wes Flexner on Elijah Funk and Martin Hugo's Skylab exhibit I Can See Through Your Tinted Windows A.K.A Arrest the President at the Other Paper.

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