Ben Quinn: Taking a Closer Look

Ben Quinn's Taking a Closer Look opens this Thursday (1/10) on the second floor of the Columbus Metropolitan Library's Main branch at 96 S. Grant Ave. The exhibition runs to March 17th. After the jump are images from the show and Quinn's artist statement.

There exists a wealth of knowledge and phenomena kept secret by the elite that needs to be exposed and understood in order to shift the development of our species for the better. We are entering an era of cosmic-crossroads where the general public acknowledges the possibilities of intelligent life in the universe and the belief and evidence behind UFOs is undeniable. I believe we are being, and have been visited by several benevolent races of conscious life, and we should not be afraid. In fact, this concept should be embraced. I use legitimate government documents pertaining to UFO and intelligence phenomena, documents that act as a platform to talk about real recorded phenomena and what it means that our government has so much to say about it behind closed doors. I personally read through hundreds of documents to find the most potent and impactful to present. I am interested in the reversal of the hierarchy of information, and bringing the topic of extraterrestrial life and its implications to light. The viewer should come to his or her own conclusions through research and a well-rounded perspective.

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