Interview at TTR Online Video Magazine

Alexis McCrimmon interviewed me about ROY G BIV Gallery and ImageOhio 13 for TTR Online Video Magazine.

Other News:

* Maximum Rock and Roll published a guest column, "So You Want to Name Your Punk House?," by me in their January 2013 issue.
* I'm available for studio visits during the lead-up to ROY's 2014 exhibition season call-for-entries. Email me at James@roygbivgallery.org.
* ROY G BIV Gallery is now on Instagram.
* The Lantern's Shelby Lum wrote about Sara Drake and Dina Kelberman's ROY exhibition; the Dispatch's Chris Yates covered ImageOhio 13.
* Madeline Roth wrote about the Monster House on her blog.
* I'm speaking at the Urban Arts Space on February 23rd about Mark Beyer's reverse plexi paintings.
* My birthday party is tomorrow (2/7/2013) at Skylab. DJs Alexis Speier and Jackie Speier will be spinning iPhones.

A JPEG of the MRR article is after the jump.

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Richard Wehrenberg, Jr. said...

Serious LOL at the comment on the blog with Monster House article.