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Cult Ritual blew my fucking mind.

Photo from How Much Art Can You Take's Photostream from a show in Dayton. I can't wait to see some shots from the other night. I think I rambled about this performance to over twenty people in the succeeding days. Mainly I was recounting the moment where dude was tracing circles on our floor with the mic, the solitary spark that was emitted, and the flash back into full convulsive fit of everything. An amazing sequence and there are mic scratches left in our floor to remember it by. Other than that, every band was legitimately good; body rot used feedback so nicely, Vile Gash was as emotionally stunted and temper tantrumy as the worst memories from childhood, and Times New Viking was Times New Viking. The post show proceedings around the house were replete with war on Vietnam drifters, alcohol poisoning, criminal mischief... and I saw Midori jump the roof gap. It was nice.


The Max Levine Ensemble just blew apart Ben Weasel to his own fanboys at the Baltimore Insubordination Pop Punk fest and released this seven inch to go down in HICKEY/VOODOO GLOW SKULLS infamy forever. The record is in retaliation for Weasel calling Max Levine "The worst band ever" on his radio show. And complaining, bizarrely, about the singing style and lack of musical cohesion in MLE... which coming from the dude from Screeching "I hate you" Weasel is a bit confounding.

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yet another reason to adore tmle.