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Here's to fire code violations and recycling overflow.

I can't remember the last time I felt something approaching anticipation for a show... besides for Heath Deadger. Times New Viking is legitimately one of my favorite bands regardless of how stupid that sentence sounds. I'm a sucker for so many things they are. (Short songs. Poppy. Boy/Girl Vocals. Vaguely referential of visual art. Yeah, distorted.) I wish they weren't a Columbus band so I wouldn't feel creepy for liking them. It's a little off putting liking a local band you don't know members of. And I've wanted to see Cult Ritual since I missed their last show. Also I've never actually seen Vile Gash. I've only went to shows just to find out their 3 minute set had passed me by. Whatever, I'm taking this occasion as an excuse to show some flyers my compatriot Carlos M. Ruiz who lives in Seattle made for TNV. His work consistently makes me jealous. I can't look at it to much or I just start copying. Makes me feel (correctly) like a hobbyist.

TIMES NEW VIKING playing at Used Kids Records.

CULT RITUAL in Florida:

VILE GASH at The Summit:

Also, I love this little snippet of designing the TNV seven inch. I am enamored (overly) with how everything looks from them. According to Sandy Plank, Rip It Off's cover was put together at the Kinko's at High & 15th which makes me happy.

A badly edited review I wrote for a bad (and coincidentally abandoned) music blog of a band that dove-tailed with Time New Viking's initial breaking nationally which is somehow connected and missing its footnotes. Also appeared in my zine last year.

Jimmy Button's Flickr Set of the last Cult Ritual/Vile Gash show. A FLYER I made for that show.

Daytrotter Entry for TNV. Fuck High St. and all that


AUSSI: When dude from Stencil Nation came he took some pics of stencils from Columbus and uploaded them to his Stencilarchive.org site including this little gem. "MORONS"

Dara Birnbaum & Wonder Woman

Athens cracks down on not drinking

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