This dude (Russel Howze) is coming to the Wexner Center Store Friday at five on his book tour for STENCIL NATION.

But, wouldn't you know it... I don't think there will be any of his books there. I've only flipped through this particular book but I see quite a bit of these "STREET ART" compilations coming through the Wexner store. In general these things seem to get printed because they don't have to pay royalties to anyone but that kind of cheapo spirit usually permeates the rest of the book in its cheap pages, cheap covers, bad design, and worse writing. And with 90% of street art (or tattoos, or punk flyers, or record covers, etc) being complete tripe it's usually worth it not to waste your time. But I always do. Because I got this book from the library when I was 16 and shit blew my gasket. Just the imagery of late seventies, early eighties New York is a bit spellbinding. Everyone looked legitimately cool. And then there are the full subway pieces on the entire line. And the colors were all candy pop sugar gum. It made me start using spray paint in my paintings for no defensible reason until I realized my mom was right about the no ventilation in my basement being maybe bad. I still (this is serious and not an over exaggeration) feel like I haven't even been as sharp as I was mentally before I spent some time getting to know spray paint.

Anyway, dude is staying at the Monster House Friday night so feel free to stop by during our show and chat him up about stencils and graff and the internet and book tours that jump from the Trumbull Plex to the Wexner Center.


I just finished all 12 episodes of Fawlty Towers. Swoon.

Scotty burned this into my mind.

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