Ask me for one in person or send for one in the mail.
115 W.10th Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43201. The tape is 2 to 3 dollars - whatever piques your fancy.

In the Pocket Tapes, Austin's tape company that he runs out of 115 1/2 W.10th Ave. made the tapes. I recommend their services for all your out-moded audiophile needs.

Listen to the Pheramones side here.

ALSO: Side note about the artwork. This is designed by Maryn Jones with some color choices and lettering by Pat Crann. For those of us who have some knowledge or experience with or about Jehovah's Witnesses you will recognize the purple triangle as the symbol the Nazis branded witnesses with in concentration camps. More than a thousand witnesses were killed by the National Socialists along with jews, gays, leftists, gypsies and anyone else who could be othered in Germany at the time. Growing up as a Jehovah's Witness I always had that sort of nagging feeling that it would only take a mere spark to inflame opinion against myself and my family in a similar way. As I grew up I realized that though I was now an atheist and unaffliated spiritually, I could still be sent away by the hypothetical nazis for any number of things: leftism, degenerate art or antagonistic journalism. ANYWAY, long story short - it's interesting that this symbol, the purple triangle, is on this release since Maryn has no knowledge of this at all. It's very "full circle" for me since those feelings of being othered at an early age and being in opposition against the state since birth are what I feel led me to eventually be interested in punk in the first place. What strikes me even further about it is the 1940's style of dress of the women, chronologically appropriate for the chilling connotations the design brings to my mind.

More info on Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany during the war years.

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