Troy & Bobby
of fav Columbus bands Heath Deadger and New Creases (New Creases Dental Dams, what's up David Leighty!) have a newish venture that was sorely needed. Much like Eric Metronome and his repeatedly mentioned house show recordings from the Neil House, BIG ASS KNIFE is keeping aural track of our bullshit. Maybe they will catch a future Oscar nominee in action and end up a footnote in some trash printed (posted) under the (digital) fold. Maybe I'll be negative even about things I'm posting that I like!

Anyway, Troy is recording these shows on something I swear looks like a taser/cow prod. He's talked about making bootleg CDRS and desperately needs someone to show him how to properly post the MP3S. It's already a pretty sweet collection of bands.* Right now AMELIA's 2nd show is on BIG ASS KNIFE'S myspace which I think Troy told me he didn't really want people to know about. Also Troy is now Stymie's roadie.

My recollection of this show includes imbibing because I was depressed, asking Austin if I could still use his bass even if I was inebriated, and then trying very intently to not mess up just to prove I could still play bass drunk. Joke's on me because I can't even play bass sober. Somehow I didn't do too poorly. Trivia: the last time I drank before playing music I was in Hot Date.

2nd BIG NEWS STORY: This one is reverberating around the Monster household, riding a wave of delight following the COKE BUST** show at the Legion of Doom. It has to do with one, Tall Rob, and one, annoying mosh bro. Tall Rob did a head palm, knocking the kid's Boston Red Sox hat three rows back to where Christian and I were standing, and then gave mosh dude a large middle finger while mosh dude stood and gazed, caught in a sublime awe, rendered inert by Tall Rob's benevolent mosh pit patrol. Thank yous abound.

*penis geyser
lotus fucker
heath deadger
kurt russell
maryn jones
the boy who could fly
toby foster
ryan starinsky

** Unlike VILE GASH you could have arguably called Coke Bust "Vice Core" on the CSBYS flyer.

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