It's all coming back to me now.

This band, Batrider, just asked me for a show in October:
Batrider - 'Legs'

They're from New Zealand and provide more proof for the imminent grunge renaissance. If all goes well and it actually happens, I think Rage Against the Cage would be the perfect complement.

And this picture of Kurt Cobain:

Also bringing back that early nineties malaise is one, Barack Obama! He seems to be on a vision quest to completely reiterate the early Clinton administration by rote. "Change"* not repeal on Don't Ask, Don't Tell and a shambling, dissapointing walk through the health care corridor of horror. Backpedaling on a public option, evading gay civil rights... it's enough to make you wear flannel. And listen to Hole.

*Change you can believe in!

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