March's issue is pretty great. John Also Bennett contributed an actually fascinating piece about ambient city-made noises and his work recording them for the Bureau for Open Culture. Mickey, of the buzz band New Creases, has a LOL period story*, Josh Hoey tackles the Texas School Board, Bret looks at our decrepit, decaying local press, Sara Drake has a dancey comic, and Martin says "fuck a whip unless its a metro card." I contributed a story which you can also see here.

The monthly has been a surprisingly divisive project on our little message board. View the thread in which I make an array of boring arguments in support of the monthly and other people make arguments, occasionally pretty acidic ones, against it.

* If you too have a "shocking, gross, horrible, hilarious or awesome period story" you should send it to mickeymocnik@gmail.com for a zine she is making.

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