Slugging Percentage
is the baseball
themed, Doubleday managed, Upper Deck marketed, sludgecore band of my roommates Ryan Starinsky and Andy Gardner. They sing the national anthem before the first song/inning and set up bases around the drum set for circle pitting/inside the parks.  Each show is played in proper attire for the outfield and each and every one of their songs is about "America's national religion." Usually the songs focus on a single player from the 90s golden era, like the song "Fred McGriff" in which I say "Crime Dog" in the gang vocals section. I would go and download it all. Sara Drake, the prolific illustrator, created the cover design. Catch Slugging Percentage on their first national tour this summer which will be divided into NL and AL teams. Also, it is "Joey Belle" not "Albert."

A live recording of Slugging Percentage at the Monster House.

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