Razorcake Article on Columbus DIY in Which my House is Mentioned

just published this article by Bret who writes "Black Cloud." It just about sums it up, besides our relative wealth of zinesters and our roster of punk entrepreneurs. Also, with the 15th House being around for so long (2003? 2004?), Skylab existing equally as long, and with the Monster House being in its third year - the venues of the house show scene are more institutionalized then the year-by-year sentiment in the article (which was more true a couple of years ago: Hunter House, Screamer House, Stink House, House of Rice, Scoliosis House, Sheridan House, Villa Vietcong, 24/7 House, etc). Maybe now more people will spend a year being confused in a place they thought was cool (which I am all about).

Razorcake Article on CSBYS by Bret

Buddyhead Article on Columbus by Brian Carnahan

CSBYS Message Board

On a slightly related note, Aaron Lake Smith of Big Hands zine gets Plan-It-X records move to Cairo, Illinois ("punk town") in Time Magazine. Listen to an interview with Aaron about the story on Chicago Public Radio, here.

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