Candygram 2 / First Poetry Reading

On April 8th Cenaclehouse Publishing held a release party for the second issue of Candygram at Skylab. My poem "Oh' O'Hare" was included in the issue. I read three other poems before the first band, Chine-collé, played. It was a noise band that seemed accessible. The guy who works at the Canzani center is in it. They are playing Skylab again on May 6th. Another band followed that sprinkled change on the ground and used the act of sawing wood sonically. My roommates Pat, Steve, Cassie and Richard were present. Richard told me a story about Kroger.

John Malta, Eric Sweazy, Faith Gehring, Caitlin Sherwood and many others also have items in this issue of Candygram. The editor of Candygram is Shannon Byers.

MP3 of me reading " All Girl Metal Band," "Besides The Biz Markie Interpolation," and "Fleetwood Mac Sample."

MP3 of half of Chine-collé's set.

MP3 of Richard telling me a story.

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