Delay - Jimi Baby Tape

In 2007 I was/had a bike wreck. I broke my jaw in three places, broke a vertebrae in my neck, broke the littlest toe on my right foot and suffered extensive facial lacerations. Worst of all, my prized Peugeot, the first road bike I ever bought, was bent out of shape. I was in the hospital for a night and then stayed at my mother's house, unable to chew for a month. I moved back into The Monster House and walked around campus in a neck brace with facial stitches and scared my teachers and fellow students. That quarter I was given very generous grades.

Delay and special guest star Kari Jorgensen recorded a tape e.p. thematically organized about me for my 22nd birthday, spurred on by my bike wreck and the tenuous grip we all hold on "life". Not that the tape is especially honorific, the songs actually don't paint the prettiest picture of me. I was living a different life then, one where Sparks, dumpstered pizza, not going to sleep and being quasi-lecherous were in the mix. Comically, it's called the Jimi Baby Tape. "Jimi Baby" was the shrill nickname Aarthi coined and everyone made fun of. Now, thanks to this tape, people I don't really know across the nation call me Jimi Baby. Great.

Download MP3s of "The Jimi Baby Tape" below:

. Jimi Baby
2. Goodale Park
3. Sparks
4. Sex Education
5. Screamer House
6. Nocturnal


Duder P. Tailgate said...

This was the best stuff Delay ever did and will do in my opinion.
It is a shame that they never played any of these songs live as they were good. Perhaps Jesse thought I was mocking the band by relating this sentiment. I wouldn't hold it against him though, i was pretty much mocking them all of the time anyway. But is that not how we show our love from where we come from?

Thanks for posting this. Are there any of the actual tapes floating around still?

Oh and if i never mentioned it, sorry for your accident way back when. I feel partially to blame as you were coming back from the "All Nude Break Our Shit Party" housewarming event at our house that I orchestrated.

Better lay off huffing modge podge anyway for good measure...

Lux said...

Damnit, Jimi. JIMIBABY IS ONE WORD. At least you're not Jimi Coconuts anymore, so quit whining.