The Lose The Tude 7-Inch Has "Hit" The "Streets."

You can purchase this pile of polemics through Sacred Plague Records, through us (online or in person), and at Dreadful Sounds Records, Lost Weekend Records, Spoonful Records, Magnolia Thunderpussy, and Used Kids Records.

It's ten songs of what a Canadian chap believed to be "Skate-Punk." It looks and sounds and smells like some kids found a Minor Threat record and went from there. But, you know, 20/30 years removed from the time of that sound so it's complete with layers of meaning - right? On this record we touch on Nike shoes, feeling jaded, feeling jealous, feeling like not getting out of the bed, feeling like writing graffiti, feeling the radical potentialities of garlic, feeling like you are living with fleas, and feeling like properly "giving a shit."


Some of my zines are in a show, or in a zine library attached to the show or something, this month at the DePaul University Art Museum in Chicago, Illinois entitled "The Nomadic Studio."

J. Caleb Mozzocco of Everyday is Like Wednesday reviewed "Arty Party." I like his blog a lot. I think, in general, he says the content is obscure and the form is good. 

Apparently the new issue of Bitch also has a review of Arty Party but I can't seem to find a copy in Columbus. 

Someone from Vice doesn't like Arty Party. 

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