Poem In September's Short North Gazette

The Short North Gazette recently published an excerpt of my poem, Recollections Of How I Smelled On I-90, which is really quite a long poem as I tend to smell like many things. It has some local interest as its content.

I'm fond of the Short North Gazette for reasons outside of their publishing my poem. I like the James Thurber coverage, I like the odd gag cartoons, the poetry, the magazine-length articles on Columbus history, and, most of all, I like the semi-recent addition of Jared Gardner to their stable of columnists. Gardner is an Associate Professor of English at Ohio State and heads the pop-culture minor there. (He also writes for The Comics Journal.) He was not only my Personalized Study Program advisor but also the advisor for the independent study project that "Punk Zine" came out of. So I'm doubly happy to see my poem published across from his moving eulogy of Harvey Pekar, who I first saw IRL at The Mershon Auditorium during a discussion that Gardner moderated.

The Gazette is free and available seemingly anywhere in The Short North.

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