Assuming Size Poetry Chapbook Is Out

Assuming Size; cover drawing by Maryn Jones.

Monster House Press, an ad-hoc organization of people who make alcoholic cider on the second floor, has just released a four-way poetry chapbook entitled Assuming Size. The authorial quartet in question is comprised of Jordan Castro, Ryan J., Richard Wehrenberg Jr., and myself. Maryn Jones drew the cover image and Wehrenberg provided the editorial direction and design scheme. The covers were then screenprinted by Shout Out Loud Prints. It looks and feels very nice. It has hand sewn binding even.

Four poems of mine are printed in Assuming Size: "How I Smelled On I-90," "Arthur Danto," "Nature Morte," and "One-Of-Everything." Jordan's 2 poems are very good. Ryan's 3 poems are very good. Richard's 2 poems are very good. As Ryan said on Friends and Wieners, this is probs a coattails. I am fine with that.

You may purchase Assuming Size for $2.00. There are eleven poems in it. This is less than twenty cents per poem. To place an order, email richardwehrenbergjr@gmail.com. 

A reading in support of Assuming Size takes place at Kafe Kerouac in Columbus, Ohio on Nov. 27th at 8 p.m. There will also be a reading in Oberlin, Ohio on Nov. 10th and a reading in Kent, Ohio at a date to be determined later.

If you are interested in reviewing Assuming Size or doing an interview in support of it for your blog, web site, or newspaper, send an email to monsterhousepress@gmail.com.

Assuming Size has a Goodreads page.

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BTW: James Payne Bedroom Concert Series is very much back in action.

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