Journal Of Radical Shimming On The Monster House

Former Monster House inmate Cassandra Troyan has published an article in The Journal of Radical Shimming on the political potentialities and realities of The Punk House as iterated by The Monster House in Columbus, Ohio. It starts with an evocative retelling of "The Cinnamon Life" night, moves on to our statement of purpose, details the going-ons inside the house, and ends with a "but what does it all mean, really?" sentiment cut with a "but it's pretty good anyway if you think about it" feeling. The article is after "the jump."

The article was based on this conversation Cassandra had with me last winter.

Free copies of The Journal of Radical Shimming #9 can be found in CCAD's Canzani Center.

Click the images twice to expand them to readable dimensions.

The author herself gracing the swastika back cover.

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