Unicorn Whores Zine

We Are Friends collaborative zine Unicorn Whores

I recently received my contributor copies of Unicorn Whores, a screen-printed zine produced by a collective of friends in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It follows the zine Dragon Slutz, and the third in this fantasy series will be Robot Boners. Unicorn Whores is basically a series of poems and stories about unicorns and sex, accompanied by black and white illustrations. 

Michelle Chrzanowski and Ben Larson, who are the figureheads of We Are Friends, routinely make high-quality zines, including one entitled Oscillation with gorgeous 3-color interior screen prints and a zine entitled Mind Reader that isn't about Madonna.

Unicorn Whores and Dragon Slutz are currently in stock at Quimby's in Chicago, IL. One could also order a copy by emailing wearefriendsart@gmail.com.

I don't know who else contributed to Unicorn Whores since a listing isn't included, however, I can spot a John Malta drawing when I see one. See his illustration and my poem, 'Exchange Program,' after the jump. 

Exchange Program

I once slept 
with a unicorn.

This was when I did
a high school exchange
in the Federated Territories
of Unicornia.

Its horn
was thick.

We lived together.

It came 
in my room at night.

I held its horn.
I jostled its timbers.
I made it rainbow.

It left before morning.

So its parents didn't know.

Then it spread rumors about me.

So no other unicorns talked to me.

Its horn
was thick.

I recently heard
from a mutual acquaintance
that it just graduated from Unicornia State
with a major in International Studies
and minor in Human Management.


Joey Martin said...

"made it rainbow" haha

Cornify said...

While I understand the analogy, I take offense to the term unicorn whores, since that misrepresents the unicorn race. Unicorns are magical creatures of happiness and sparkles.


Quince Lovely Lord said...

I think this is very wonderful. I must say I disagree with Cornify, I think some unicorns are whores and whores are unicorns. Why not? I am a member of a unicorn research club and I am a bit of a whore myself so I have some authority. I also write unicorn poetry, albeit all haiku. Check it out if you want: www.unicornhaiku.tumblr.com

-Quince Lovely Lord