Peter Doig Lecture at the Art Institute of Chicago

Peter Doig, Guest House 3, 2002. Part of the Prints and Drawings collection at AIC.

On May 3rd I saw Peter Doig deliver an outline of his artwork's development at the Art Institute of Chicago. I enjoyed it, so I am posting a recording of it. Besides streaming it above, you may download it here.

I found his demeanor agreeably low-key and his commentary thoughtful. I had been awake for 48 hours by the time his lecture in the darkened auditorium began - perhaps my memories of it aren't quite trustworthy. This is why I record things.

After the jump is a collection of flyers Doig has painted for StudioFilmClub, a weekly film series he hosts at his studio in Trinidad. The flyers are collected in the book Peter Doig: StudioFilmClub. I like them.


mr. m said...

Seems the stream/link is down :<

mike brune said...

Thanks for posting the posters! Great.

Anonymous said...

omg i love this artist! So unfortunate i couldn't go see the lecture...i'm not coming to saic untill fall! Thanks for posting!!!