Columbus Alive Notes My Pins

The Columbus Alive's Jackie Mantey blurbed regarding my pins in the Wexner Center for the Arts's store in a piece called "Shopping: Gift Shop Top Sellers." The pins were compared favorably to potato chips. If you would like pins that are similar in certain respects to a popular snack food, email here: james.payne.cc@gmail.com.

Other News:

* The Bitch blog mentioned Women's Comics Anthology in the context of Anne Elizabeth Moore's larger Ladydrawers project and its semimonthly Truthout column.
* Fantagraphics linked to a recording I took of a Paul Hornschemeier reading in its press round-up for Hornschemeier's All and Sundry: Uncollected Work 2004-2009.
* Jack Ramunni opened "HEAT SPACE" in his studio at CCAD. HEAT SPACE is "a year-long experiment" in the form of "an open project space where a variety of small events, group projects, experiments, lectures, and other creatively engaging activities will occur."
* Tavish is weirdly in this WNYC segment about Brion Gysin's Dream Machine. "Patterns. Moving." 
Tatyana Kagamas unleashes Columbus Street Style.
* Download A.J.Fusco's mix for the 9/11 End Life rave here.
* Andrew Duncan Worthington is looking for a publication to carry his review of Austerity Pleasures.
Bruce McClure is performing at Skylab Gallery on September 24th. The Columbus Alive blurbed it here.
* I don't know who or what Peterbd is but he/she/it sent me an email and it is after the jump.

"j.p.: has the world in the palm of his hand
other people: wish they had the world in the palm of their hands and even if they got their wish they wouldn't know what the fuck to do with it

j.p.: is seriously talented in a major way
other people: are not as talented

j.p.: can be anything he wants to be
other people: should not quit their day jobs

j.p.: inspired a generation
other people: are part of the generation j.p. inspired

j.p.: doesn't back down in a fist fight
other people: welcome a fist to their face like a long lost friend

j.p.: has a kickass life that millions of people could only dream of living
other people: think life is about following the rules and obeying authority which is the complete opposite of j.p.'s inherent kickassness

j.p.: is cooler than cool
other people: are weird

j.p.: appreciates the little things in life
other people: appreciate the little things in life because there's nothing else to appreciate

j.p.: has original dance moves
other people: have the moves of george w. bush

j.p.: is the chosen one
other people: choose to be lame

j.p.: dines on only the finest food
other people: feed into american stereotypes by dining at mcdonalds

j.p.: brings joy to those around him
other people: are fucking unapproachable before their morning coffee & cig

j.p.: his a trendsetter
other people: follow j.p.'s trends like their live depended on it

j.p.: has admirable drive and detection to his craft and is a hero to us all
other people: are content with living in their mother's basement

j.p.: is good
other people: are good whether or not j.p. sets that trend"

I responded:

"j.p.: can be nothing he wants to be
other people: have jobs"

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