Literary Chicago Reviews Austerity Pleasures

Mason Johnson reviewed my chapbook Austerity Pleasures at Literary Chicago.

Other News:

* I broke this episode of HEAT SPACE TV with Midori.
John Malta publishes An Asteroid Descends on Mount Moldy.
An "alternative" weekly covers Matt Schuermann's band American War.
The Space of the Encounter, a show at DoVA Temporary co-curated by Cassandra Troyan and Zachary Cahill, is on view at DoVA Temporary in Chicago, Illinois. A review of the show at The Chicago Weekly.
Bureau for Open Culture curator Jim Voorhies was interviewed by Bad at Sports.
* The Max Levine Ensemble has a
new Bloomington-centric video for their song "Big Problems USA."
* Ginger Alford, Jake Alexander, and Alan Crenshaw started a new band called 
* Toby Foster, Ryan Woods, and Nick Romy started a new band called
High Dive. They have an album on No Idea Records.

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